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EFC - by David Lepaux

EFC - Design & Development

Currently i work for EFC, i design and develop many web projects to digitalize the inscription process (for students).
Start : January 2013
ACE Challenge - by David Lepaux

ACE Challenge - Design & Development

This is my first eCommerce website, very good feedback! Thanks to this project i learnt the PHP Template Smarty and the MVC Concept.
3 months
Relooking myself by David Lepaux

Relooking myself - WebDesign

This is my first WebDesign project, the concept is to use augmented reality to try out clothes Online!
Mini Cooper with Perrier Design by David Lepaux

Mini Cooper by Perrier - Design

Concept board 'Mini-Cooper by Perrier' has been made during my last year of school. The goal is to design a Mini-Cooper by Perrier... This experience has been very rewarding for me.
NBR Massage Thaî by David Lepaux

NBR Massage Thaï - Design & Development

NBR Massage Thai is a company based on Geneva.
This was the first website i made and it is very specialfor me because it shows my evolution since 2010


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